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"ASHITA NO DECAL" is removable carrier film decal.
BUT! This decal is not DRY DECAL !!
"ASHITA NO" in Japanese means "tomorrow's" in English.

■ How to apply "ASHITA NO DECAL(ASU DEKA)"

1. Cut off the mark to stick with a cutter, a design knife, etc.
 (Note) Please do not put the edge of a cutter into the varnish
 portion of decal.
2 .Dip the cut-off mark in water about 30 seconds.
3. It has pasteboard by hand, shift a mark, and move to a model.
4. After tweezers etc. adjust position Push with soft cloth etc.,
 moisture is made to absorb and it is made to stick.
5. When you exfoliate a career film, please let me dry as it is for
 one day.
6. Check that decal has dried completely. A Scotch tape etc. is stuck
 on a mark and a career film is removed slowly. Moreover, only a
 career film can also be raised and stripped off with a design knife
 etc. In a small mark, this one can be removed finely. Be careful
 not to attach a crack to a model and a mark in that case.
7. When paste remains after removing career film, please remove
 with soft cloth absorbed with water.

■ Cautions on use

・Please carry out the test which removes carrier film using an unnecessary
 mark before use.

・Please make it established after deciding a position where water is fully
 included, since decal is pasted up very strongly.
 However, please play any paint too much and be careful of attaching too much

・Please surely stick decal. if there is a portion which has floated, an ink layer
 may separate.

・In case you remove a carrier film, please remove from edge carefully slowly.
 If it removes violently, an ink layer may separate.

・Please carry out after making it dry enough, in case a carrier film is removed.

・If a carrier film is removed in the state with inadequate dryness, an ink layer
 may separate.
 Although dryness time can be shortened by using a drier etc. Please carry out
 after fully awaking, in case a carrier film is removed. An ink layer may
 Moreover, be careful of modification of the model by the heat of a drier
 implement, a burn, and a fire enough.

TO Guardians
 Fully keep in mind that it may cut a hand, a finger, a leg, etc. accidentally in
 case a cutter etc. is used.
 Since separated decal may be drunk by mistake, please use and keep it in the
 place which the small child's hand does not reach.

The re-distribution which used all or a part of DECAL & ETCHING PARTS (and  work thing which accompanies it) of MYK DESIGN work is forbidden.

■ ASHITA NO DECAL usage tips

ASHITA NO DECAL is DECAL which can remove the carrier film after dryness.
Character differs from usual DECAL.
Carrier film can be removed. Ink and carrier film tend to separate from the first.

・When you cut DECAL from pasteboard, please turn off pasteboard, without
 cutting a carrier film. (Fig.1 dashed-line portion)
 If the edge of a cutter is put into a carrier film, a carrier film and an ink
 layer may separate.
 If DECAL is stuck in this state, a mark may collapse.(Fig.2)

・In a small mark, if DECAL is moved too much on the model surface in the case
 of positioning of DECAL, ink and a carrier film may separate and a mark may
 collapse. (Fig.2) Please perform positioning promptly.

・If a mark is moved with large moisture, a mark will stop being able to
 collapse easily.
 However, if the laver of DECAL separates too much, in case fixing power will
 become weaker and a varnish portion will be removed, a mark may also
 However, fixing power will become weaker if the laver of DECAL flows with
 Since a mark may also separate in case a carrier film is removed, please use
 the commercial laver for DECAL together.

・If the carrier film in which the pattern of a mark is not contained is touched
 and is moved in the case of positioning ,a mark stops being able to collapse
 easily. (Fig. 3 Red portion)
 Moreover, in case you make it move, please carry out carefully using a soft
 brush and a soft swab.

・In a small fine mark, it may be caught if unevenness is shown in the surface
 to stick, and a mark may collapse.
 DECAL is stuck after applying a DECAL softening agent to the model surface.
 Please stick DEKARU carefully.

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